Zenger Analytics is a national leader at communicating value through data. We specialize in the smart interpretation, analysis, and visual presentation of complex and disjointed health data. Our clients differentiate themselves through their health analytics and deliver stronger cost management, and more value-focused health and productivity strategies.


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Solutions for Employers

Employers with the best information have the lowest rise in trend. Our clients master their health and productivity data leading to more dynamic relationships with Insurers, proper allocation of limited health dollars, and improved benefit programs and interventions.


For Health Plans and TPAs

Powerful analytics clearly conveyed to
clients lead to stronger partnerships with existing plan sponsors (retention) and marketplace differentiation (new sales). We build the capabilities that allow Health Plans to quantify and communicate their performance.


For Warehouses and
Technology Vendors

Even the most sophisticated data ware-houses struggle to make the full journey from raw data to integrated solutions. Our clients optimize the return on their technology investments through expert data mining and improved presentation of information.


LUMENConnect sets a new standard for communi-cation between health organizations and their customers. LUMENConnect is an innovative web-based product that integrates health data from multiple sources and returns content-rich, visually accessible communi-cations in the form of customized reports.


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